Meet the hard-working eSIGN team.

The first of the fathers of eSIGN success, with a head full of millions of ideas per second. He’s the only one who actually knows how he selects the best and the most innovative ones, which continues to embarrass large manufacturers.

The second of the fathers of eSIGN success, whose greatest talent is to read Kamil’s ideas and use them, like Lego pieces, to create a real product or service that solves our clients’ problems.

Our special tasks force. He pops up when the situation looks helpless and saves our clients’ lives at any time of day and night. To our regular clients, he is a symbol of calm and a good night’s sleep.

A master of effective communication, whose glass is always half full; thus, every client dealing with her is sure they’ll get a helping hand and support they need.

Manages each and every client in a most reliable and professional manner. There are no difficult questions for him; to the clients he manages, there are no unanswered questions and no unsettled issues.

His knowledge of the electronic signature is so vast that the rest of the team still doesn’t understand how it is possible he did not actually patent it himself. Always working at 120%, thereby maintaining deep relationships with the clients who appreciate his subject matter expertise and professionalism.

Always the first in the office, waiting for the first clients. Feels best in extreme situations. He loves it when a lot is happening at the same time. On his way to the office the morning, even before he starts work, he usually answers more than 100 telephone calls from our clients. After work, on the way home, he helps the next one thousand clients.