Why is it worth having a qualified electronic signature?

Having a qualified electronic signature actually means entering a new level of business. Meet the requirements of the 21st century! It’s easy now because we implement/renew e­signatures for you!

Social Insurance, Revenue Office, the SAF-T) – any and all official formalities can be handled online with the use of your e-signature. You can sign documents you need to start a company or send your financial statements to the National Court Register without even going out! See how easy it is with a secure electronic signature.

How much do you save on e-signature?

Use our calculator and check how much time and money you save thanks to electronic signature.

Cost of printing and handling

Shipping cost

Handling and shipping time

Number of signed documents:

Drag and find out the real numbers


Do you know that you need to activate your electronic signature?

This is a one-off meeting between an eSIGN advisor and a client that takes 30 minutes on average. It covers:

1. A customised contract creation spec