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You can use our electronic signature when being abroad and arrange official formalities in Poland!

Electronic Signature Poland is dedicated to people residing abroad and having to handle official matters in Poland but, due to lack of time, they cannot do the same in the Republic of Poland in person.

The Poland Electronic Signature service is designed for you if you are residing abroad but, for various reasons, some official and administrative matters need to be handled in Poland. It is a perfect solution for both clients who have been assigned the PESEL personal identification number (in which case obtaining the e-signature is much faster) and people who have not been assigned the same; in this case, we will help you with all the necessary procedures.

The Qualified Electronic Signature Poland is a process similar to that applicable to the Polish citizen. Both an ID card and a passport may be used as authentication documents. The only difference is the service is activated remotely or in person, after arriving in Poland.

The Electronic Signature Poland procurement and activation process is as follows: you go to our website, complete the form, one of our specialists will contact you by phone, and you receive the signature (remotely or delivered by our customer advisor). Your passport or your ID is the basis for activation.

Once you have received your Qualified Electronic Signature Poland, you can sign financial reports and other financial documents electronically in Poland, without having to actually be in Poland.

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Convenience is the main advantage of an electronic signature.

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You save your time by signing documents outside Poland.