Electronic signature renewal

Certum – we will renew your e-signature so you can continue to effortlessly submit your reports to the National Court Register or the ZSMOPL (Integrated System for the Monitoring of Trade in Medicinal Products), send ESPD’s and handle other official issues that require the electronic signature. No more wasting time or worries in queues at offices.

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Is this the only solution?

Of course not. You can also use electronic signature migration service. It is the process of transferring the current electronic signature from the Mini Certum reader to the SimplySign mobile signature. This is a solution that we strongly recommend. You can migrate when your existing signature is about to end or at any time during its duration.

Check the benefits of migrating an e-signature from a physical card to the cloud:

  • signing documents anywhere and anytime, on your phone, tablet or computer
  • forget about losing or destroying your electronic signature (even if you lose your phone)
  • saving time and money. You can do it all in 5 minutes without leaving computer

Decide if you want to renew your signature or just take advantage of the migration!




Migration from Mini reader to Simply Sign
Choose this option if you don’t want to wonder where your e-signature is. If you decide to migrate, you will have your e-signature in two forms (mobile and standard) until the signature expires on the reader.

2 years

3 years


1800,00 zł netto
Choose the type of your electronic signature renewal.

Mini version
Choose this option if your e-signature is on a cryptographic card and is supported by a mini card reader (the size of a flash drive). This also applies to the standard version.

SimplySign version
Choose this option if you use your e-signature on a mobile device, a tablet or a smartphone.



2 years

3 years


1800,00 zł net

In the express option, our advisor performs the migration remotely by connecting to your computer. Your only task is to download and install the remote connection software.


Qualified certificate migration does not end with the purchase of a code for migration. To transfer the electronic signature, the code must be ACTIVATED.

It is worth to get interested in the migration of an electronic signature before the current signature expires (at least 60 days) or at any time during its duration. The electronic signature migration process is very easy – the program guides you in a few simple steps.

Express version

In the express option our advisor renews the e-signature remotely by connecting to your computer. Your only job is to download and install the remote connection software.

Please note:

The qualified certificate renewal doesn’t end with the purchase of the renewal code. You need to ACTIVATE the code before the expiry of the validity period of the certificate which is to be renewed.’

E-signature renewal should be considered at least 60 days before the expiry. The process of renewing your e-signature itself is user-friendly – the program guides you in a few simple steps. You choose whether the new certificate is to be valid immediately or as of a later date, from the expiry of the validity period of the current certificate.

We provide technical support for the extension of the electronic signature throughout the certificate validity period.


Why us?

Smart entrepreneurs know how to save money. We help them with that every day. How?
We implement electronic signatures from A to Z, working with both corporations and small firms or
government bodies. Want to join our satisfied customers? Find out how you can use
the electronic signature of the 21st century yourself.

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We take the worry from you. We act smoothly and efficiently.



You will handle everything from A to Z in one place.



You can pay by cash, card or bank transfer.



Over 10,000 hours spent on the implementation of e-signatures.


Your safety guaranteed with the amount of 1,000,000 Polish zlotys.



We donate 1% of our profit to Children’s Home no. 2 in Warsaw.



That’s how long it took us to provide 95% of the e-signatures

14 000+

Satisfied companies

In the last nine years

20 000+


Such experience gives confidence


Our clients:

Marzena R.

Arek, every inch a professional. The whole process went smoothly and flawlessly. Remote assistance in setting up data transfer software – priceless!! Congrats on the professionalism and excellent approach towards the client. Keep on doing so! Thank you.

Piotr S.

It is very nice to meet true professionals. Maciej Grendus carried out the e-signature process for me fully professionally and really quickly, thus saving my time and nerves. Simply hats off to him. Once again, thank you very much.

Paulina U.

Sincere thanks to Asseco and eSIGN for the free provision of a qualified certificate for 2 years and for the provision of the implementation and training services at our Foundation. Thanks to you, we can now use the e-signature.