1. Find the ‘Certificate issuance information’ message in your inbox. In it, you will find a telecode
a) Go to step 2
b) if you do not have this message, you can resend it according to the instructions below:

  • Connect your reader to a USB port.
  • Go to https://status.certum.pl/zmiana/auth
  • Download and launch CERTUM
  • Wait for the card number to appear in the darkened field.
  • Fill in the personal identification number and your mother’s first name, and click ‘Next’.
  • The current e-mail address assigned to the certificate appears on the next page. To change it, enter a valid e-mail address. Select ‘Resend certificate information to the e-mail address’ and click ‘Confirm data’.
  • Please make sure you have received the message with the telecode. If you have not, check your spam folder.

2. Open https://status.certum.pl/cua/auth and enter your telecode and your personal identification number

  • Click ‘Login’ and ‘Download certificate’.
  • Go to the bottom of the page and click ‘Download PUK’.
  • Enter the data required. Keep the PUK in a safe place.

3. Open proCertum CardManager and click ‘Read the card’. Open the ‘Secure profile’ tab. Click the ‘New PIN’ button.